What We Do

Socially Distant Woodworking (SDWW) is committed to encouraging creativity, learning and development through woodworking.  Each month we produce and distribute a woodworking project to the community at no charge.   Distribution of these projects take place at several locations in the Indianapolis area. Follow us on social media for distribution schedules.

Additionally, SDWW provides projects to several local educational and nonprofit organizations.  In many cases, these projects are given to centers that focus on children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. They are used to teach and enhance skills, supplement other activities and provide a creative outlet. 

It is the goal of SDWW to continue to expand our outreach with physically and mentally challenged, low income and at risk persons of all ages.  In the future, as funding and growth permit, we plan to provide workshops, a safe environment and work services to learn these hands-on skills and provide an unconstrained creative outlet for projects of all levels.

 Organizations we work with