Our Story

During the early days of CoVID-19 restrictions, Dave Haughs, a wood designer and engineer, wanted to do something for the families in our community. Each week, for eight weeks, he released a new project.  For each of these projects, he posted reveal videos and “how-to” instructions for assembly so children in the township could exhibit their creative talents.

It didn’t take long for the projects to reach beyond Franklin Township’s borders. Today people drive from Columbus, Indianapolis’ northern suburbs, Lebanon and Brownsburg to pick up projects.  SDWW has even sent projects to the UK, Colorado and Texas.

Through these eight weeks, Dave developed relationships with the project recipients and learned their stories.  It didn’t take long to recognize the continued need for these projects beyond the restrictive days of CoVID-19.  With these stories in mind, Socially Distant Woodworking was founded with the mission...Growing roots in communities by providing opportunities that encourage creativity, learning and development.

Please continue to follow us as we grow!